First Cleco: Tim to the Rescue!

We learned two important lessons about clecos:

1. Size matters (and therefore color matters)
2. Keep your EAA friends on speed dial

Thanks for the save Tim!

(the “ball-and-socket” demonstrated at the conclusion of the video is in reference to this video – in case you need a bit more humor today)

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3 Responses to First Cleco: Tim to the Rescue!

  1. This is what I find most difficult to deal with building. Having the right tool (cleco color!), or especially the right length of bolt for the specific job. I could use one of those vacuum tube delivery systems we have in hospitals, just directly to Aircraft Spruce, for every time I need a certain piece of hardware or tool.

  2. John Sabol says:

    I don’t know if you guys have cut the spacers that separate the spar cap strips, but the best way to do it is on the table saw. Set up your rip fence and cut all the spacer to the same size. This way you perfectly space the cap strips from each other (a dimension that so many things depend on).


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