A Pearl From Paul

While Caleb and I were bending spars, EAA Founder Paul Poberezny visited the Weeks Hangar. We seized the opportunity to have him inspect our work.

He picked up a nose rib, ran his finger along the edge, flipped it over. “Looks great,” he finally said. “Better than anything from ______.” (production aircraft company to remain nameless).

Caleb and I beamed. I then told Paul how appreciative we were that the folks at Weeks let us come over to use their brake because…

He interrupted me mid sentence. “Their?” he asked. The expression on my face made it clear I was confused. This was obviously EAA’s brake.

“Ours,” he said confidently. His eyes twinkled and a small grin crept on his face when he saw I finally understood.

He didn’t say another word, just gave us a thumbs up and walked away.

Caleb and I turned back to our work, amazed. “Wow,” we said to each other. That’s exactly the spirit of EAA. Thanks Paul for the reminder.

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4 Responses to A Pearl From Paul

  1. Garrett says:

    I like the comment “Better than anything from (production aircraft company to remain nameless)”, and have no doubt that it’s true. Your plane is amateur built! There was a time when the word “amateur” was high compliment, and I still think it to be so in cases like this. The word is of course French, from the Latin amator, meaning “one who does something for love”.
    Everybody knows that doing something out of love rather than for money will have better results.

    • Caleb says:

      Thanks for that bit of info on the origin of “Amateur”. I had never heard that before, and I whole-heartedly agree!

  2. Chris In Marshfield says:

    Paul is so right. I’ve met the man, shared conversations with him, and have heard him speak numerous times. And I love him to death. I may have some shirts made up: “I *am* EAA” :-)

  3. gary heuser says:

    I like what you guys are doing. I hope your back live real soon Im trying to get the interest of a couple high scool shop teachers in your archives. I am olso scratch building a four place bearhawk. in hartford mi. I am finishing details on the fusalage, tail feathers done,and rib blancks cut out.

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