Flanging Lightening Holes: The Die Method

We decided to try the die-press method for flanging our lightening holes.  Basically, this means we created a die to press the hole flanges, instead of using a “Bob-stick” to bend the hole flanges by hand. It took a while to make the dies, but now that they’re made, it’s going real fast.

A quick review of basic wing rib theory as I understand it: we cut lightening holes to save weight, then flange those holes to add strength to the rib. This way the final product is both lighter and stronger, both good qualities in airplane design.

The final hole in the center ribs is an oval hole, so for that one we will be using the “Bob-stick” method. We’ll be sure to report how that goes.

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One Response to Flanging Lightening Holes: The Die Method

  1. Ryan Carmichael says:

    Thank you for the video. How did you make the 40 degree angle on the dies? I do not own a lathe and was wondering if there is another way to accomplish this task. Thank you for your time.

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